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Teardrop Trailers


Teardrop Trailers


  One of my more recent pastimes since 2000 is construction of Teardrop Trailers that are extremely lightweight and can be towed by the smallest compact automobile,  or street  rod.                          Image of 1950's scene with Teardrop Trailer                    

  The retro, aerodynamic, and compact design of this very small trailer provides ease of towing under various highway conditions, and requires no special towing packages.  Most teardrop trailers today are built by their owners.  There are however, a few small enterprises willing to build a trailer tailored to your needs. 

  Teardrop Trailers toured the U.S. landscape during the 1930's, and flourished  through the 1940's, and 1950's until greater horsepower and an improved economy made it possible for mainstream America  to purchase and tow larger travel trailers.

  These economical, self-contained, recreational classic trailers sleep two persons and have a galley for your cooking convenience as well as added storage.  

  Teardrop trailers are a natural tag along for all outing affairs, and holiday travels when motels are short in supply.





My Teardrop Trailers


Great Lakes Teardrop Trailer This is the first teardrop trailer that I built in 2000, and was patterned after another teardrop trailer (built by Glenn Johnson of Yucaipa, Ca.) His trailer is registered as a (1956 Sherwood), a modified design of an early 60's Scad-About.  This style as well as Benroy and others had less of a classical air foil design.

Photo of Great Lakes Teardrop Trailer


Aerotear Teardrop Trailer Model 96 (my personal favorite) - I built and sold this model trailer from 2001 until the spring of 2005, at which time I ceased this small but enjoyable enterprise.  Again the typical airfoil design, which means some reduction in cabin space, but more efficient towing as well as an aesthetic appearance.

Photograph of the  Aerotear Model 86 Teardrop Trailer


Aerotear Teardrop Trailer Model 84 - In 2000, I built and sold one Model 84.  It is extremely compact and lightweight, well suited for motorcycle towing.  My first and last trailer with 12 inch wheels. (tough on bearings)  A typical air foil design such as Modernistic, Kit, and others.

Photo of Aerotear Model 84 Teardrop Trailer


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Teardrop Trailers
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