Aerotear Model 96


Aerotear Model 96 Teardrop Trailer


Model 96  Aerotear Teardrop Trailer Specifications:

Gross Vehicle Weight = 900 Lbs.

Gross Axle Weight = 900 Lbs.

Vehicle Net Weight = 580 Lbs.

Tongue Weight = 84 Lbs.

Overhead Clearance = 62"

 Body Width = 48" - Length = 96"

A full sized CAD Pattern is available for this, and other teardrop trailers.

Photograph of teardrop trailer body sitting on frame Sides and floor are 1/2" Oak Ply, with roof spars 1" x 2" clear oak installed on 8" centers.   Axle is Dexter rubber torsion.  Wheels are 15" with ST205 75 R15 tires.

Image of teardrop trailer roof spars Another view depicting roof spars.  The bottom of the plywood sides are even with the bottom of the frame.  Floor and sides are tongue and groove.  Prior to installing body to frame the body floor is undercoated with standard trailer roof coating available at most hardware stores, home depot and RV centers.


View of teardrop trailer with framing of roof vent,cabin storage, and ledgers for roof skin Frame for 9" roof vent.  Interior views of cabin storage and ledgers for 1/8" luan roof skin.  


View of galley counter top and interior storage access door A view of the Galley, storage area, and overhead with roof spars.  The deck lid is hinged and attached to the galley counter top.  Both are covered with formica.


view of aluminum skin after being machine routed to conform with geometry and all openings Seven individually sized sheets of aluminum siding applied using acrylic tape (see External Covering) and routed with a pattering bit for a perfect fit to plywood sides.  Commercial padding and carpeting installed on tack strips.  Cabinet front added inside cabin.



View of galley hatch and spars View of hatch before covering with 1/8" ply and aluminum skin.


View of teardrop trailer with moulding and door installed Installing molding.  Interior completed.



View of teardrop trailer after Installing major components Hinge, doors and roof vent installed.  Doors are 28" x 28" RV windows for trailers and vans constructed with flat sides. These were purchased directly from the manufacturer.  


View of teardrop trailer with hatch covered and skinned. Hatch covered, skinned and installed with attached slide supports.


View of teardrop trailer right side door with wx strip installed Right door installed.  Weather stripping installed.


Rear view of teardrop trailer with aluminum fenders installed  11"  aluminum fenders installed.  All moldings were added including insert moldings.  Exterior cleaned up.



Interior view of teardrop trailer with a pull out desk top. Interior view with sliding desk top.  Port holes in storage cabinet front edged with same weather stripping as applied to doors.


View of teardrop trailer galley area entrance to storage Galley with entrance to storage.


Top view of teardrop trailer galley and storage area top view of inside galley and storage entrance.


View of teardrop trailer inside of galley storage area  Inside of storage area in galley.



Galleyopen.jpg (32252 bytes)  And that's all for now.




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