Aerotear Model 84


Model 84.  It is extremely compact and weighing less than 400 lbs. is well suited for motorcycle towing. This trailer was built on an imported tubular 2 x 3 frame package from Taiwan which included axle and 12" wheels.  The wheel bearings were an odd ball metric size and very expensive to replace.  I found it necessary to repack them at 500 mile intervals and failure occurred at about 1200 miles.  I discontinued using 12" wheels entirely when building teardrop or any other type of trailer.  

Photograph of Aerotear Model 84 Teardrop Trailer

Below are a few images of this teardrop trailer taken during and after construction:  Although detailed construction information is not available here, you may find some interesting ideas.



teardrop trailer frame workFramework with 1" x 2" clear oak roof spars spaced at 8" intervals.


Teardrop Trailer body and sides on frameSide view : both openings for doors were cut with router from pattern.


Teardrop trailer galley frame constructionGalley partition and counter top installed using 1/2" oak plywood.


View of Teardrop Trailer cabin storage under constructionCabinet from 1/2" oak plywood with cutouts installed.  Doors were made for cabinets but never installed because of minimal interior space.


Aero9.jpg (31307 bytes)Interior 1/8" oak skin installed from edge of plywood floor to front of front headboard.


View of teardrop trailer carpetCarpet and commercial padding added to cover flooring and headboard.


View of teardrop trailer interior storage View of cabinet and cup holders.


Aero3.jpg (23063 bytes)Galley hatch lid support spar added from cementing two pieces of clear oak 1" x 2".


View of teardrop trailer entrance door fit28" x 28" door with horizontal slider temporarily installed to check fit.



Exterior and interior:

Aero84ex3.jpg (32405 bytes)Aero84ex2.jpg (32606 bytes)galley.jpg (29355 bytes)interior.jpg (28075 bytes)Aero84ex1.jpg (33396 bytes)rear.jpg (31900 bytes)


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