Long Exposure Imaging


Camera: Nikon D-300 with 18-55 mm wide angle lens set at 18mm, with MC-36 remote.

This backyard star trail Image, is a result of stacking 60 individual digital exposures. Each exposure was 35 seconds in duration.  The camera was set to manual, at bulb with F/4.5 for an aperture.  Lenses I use for this type of work are Nikon 18-55mm standard wide angle, and the Tokina 11-16mm ultra wide angle lens.  Image developed in Lightroom3 and Photoshop CS2

To provide foreground interest, various areas in the yard, and the house, were  exposed (painted) briefly, with a small incandescent flash light during one of the 36 second intervals.  Lights in the house were turned on for approximately 2 -3 seconds.  The white  haze in the middle right of the image is exhaust from the furnace vent, which can also be seen coming from a residence next door at lower left.

It's simply a 36 minute view of time gone by.




Camera: Nikon D-300 with 18-55 mm wide angle lens set at 18mm, with MC-30 remote.

The City of Detroit and namesake river bordering the U.S. and Canada.  The image is a result of blending five separate exposures.  These exposures vary in time from one to five minutes, each with the same aperture setting of f/5.6.  Images were made from the Windsor, Ontario shoreline.




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