Please note:  the links listed below each subject, were selected based on my personal interests.  There is a vast amount of subject matter for each of the following subjects of interest which can  found on the web via search engines.


Amateur Radio


A. R.S. WZ5Q   Mike has built an upgrade to my Homebrew Link Coupled Matching Network (LCT).  He is also into High Quality Audio. Call signs &  everything related to ham radio  Call signs & everything related to ham radio

Antennas Service and Education by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

AI7R   A simple Station Solar setup for home and camping

Cadsoft Online  Software for circuit board design

KU4AY  Ham radio site covering almost every aspect of ham radio, antennas, news, much more


Digital Imaging & Reversed Lens Macro photography


Daystar Visions by Dale Cotton  Existing-light art & photography.  Educational, tutorials  and editorials.  Well written , a pleasure to read.

Mark Plonsky  Fine Macro Art

CK' s Digital Camera Page  An older Tutorial of Reversed Lens Photography


Teardrop Trailer ....Grant & Lisa Whipp's Teardrop homepage from builders to forums

Teardrops and Tiny Trailers The web's largest forum on this subject

Tiny Tears A teardrop trailer informational site

Tin Can Tourists  Annual gatherings of classic trailers

Phred's RV electical info page.  Visit his entire site and get facts about RVing.


Carved Walking Sticks


Diamond Willow Stick Site  The WWW's largest Diamond Willow stick site

Pyro Walking Sticks  A Carver using wood burning expertise

Shawn Cipa A very talented wood carver


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