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Amateur Radio  WW8J



 Previous Station Call  Sign From 1961 - 2004 was WN8EDX and WA8EDX



Because of a special interest in radio communications, I have included photos of the U.S.S. Wright CC-2, which served the U.S. during world war II, and later converted  to a Communications Command ship during the cold war and Viet Nam era. She was named after the Wright brothers.  

 The entire flight deck is an antenna field, with log periodic antennas fore and aft, tropospheric scatter (behind bridge 2nd photo), discone, cages, chu, dipoles, and verticals rigged starboard and port off edge of flight deck, as well as an SVLF antenna raised by helicopter for submarine broadcasts.  This was an engineering marvel for the 1960's.  

The Wright was decommissioned on May 27th, 1970.  She was stricken on December 1, 1977 and scrapped, beginning in August,1980.






I served on board the U.S.S Wright after graduating from Radioman "A" school in 1964.   I was assigned to Circuit Control as a cryptograph operator.  Having a general class amateur license since the beginning of high school,  paved the way for this assignment.  Although I was proud to have served three years aboard the Wright, in 1967 after four years of active duty, I left the Wright and returned to civilian life.


A more detailed background of this unique U.S. vessel may be found here.


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