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Photo of Great Lakes Teardrop Trailer

Several construction and pictorial pages for the Great Lakes Teardrop trailer were web published in 2000 - 2005, and with some editing, have been moved to a new server. 

The Great Lakes Teardrop is a very well insulated trailer.  This trailer was designed for cold weather use in the  Great Lakes area with Insulation being the primary focus.  Very few of the early teardrop trailer builders incorporated insulation into their design,  with the exception of those in geographically cold climate areas.  A minimum of insulation can make a difference between minimal comfort and being cold.   The benefit of insulation is significant in hot climates as well.

There is much information on the web regarding teardrop trailer construction and plans with insulation strategies.   This site contains similar content and yet it provides a few different ideas as regarding insulation placement, DOT wire routing and some useful hand made accessories.  New and improved teardrop trailer construction and design ideas abound on the internet.  

The early teardrop trailers from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's  fell from favor due to increased automobile horsepower and a growing U.S. economy.  It now appears those same factors in reversal are bringing redevelopment to the teardrop RV.  

Finally, whatever reason you may have for wanting to build a teardrop trailer...."Welcome to one of my Pastime's"

A full sized CAD Pattern is available for this, and other teardrop trailers. 




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