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The images viewed on this web page are low resolution,  and do not depict the true definition of the originals.


The Image collection on this page was acquired during the year 2003 - 2009.  Locating and viewing these subjects is a delight, in that their environment and my own are so diverse.   I believe that in addition to the visual capture, that the true joy is in the actual pursuit and imaging of these wonderful creatures.

Recent equipment used in imaging these subjects is a Nikon D300 and D-60 (DSLR) cameras, with a 105mm AF-S VR micro Nikkor, and a Nikon 300mm AF-S Telephoto lenses + TC-17 EII teleconverter and the Nikon PN-11 extension tube.   A Nikon R1C1 CLS flash system is used occasionally for fill flash on smaller subjects while using these lenses.  

The darkroom is Adobe Photoshop CS software.   


 Images are best viewed with Safari or Fire Fox web browser.

Birds, Butterflies, Bees, & Bugs




  DSC_2222.jpg (223811 bytes)         DSC_2095.jpg (243739 bytes)         DSC_2140.jpg (423647 bytes)    


  DSC_1590.jpg (138580 bytes)         DSC_1589.jpg (101258 bytes)         DSC_1812.jpg (148118 bytes)


 DSC_2680.jpg (176166 bytes)         DSC_2722.jpg (188282 bytes)         DSC_2681.jpg (152605 bytes)


DSC_2456.jpg (142674 bytes)


 DSC_3234.jpg (104429 bytes)         DSC_3262.jpg (193376 bytes)         DSC_3286.jpg (105573 bytes) 


DSC_3360.jpg (178180 bytes)          DSC_3370.jpg (168605 bytes)         DSC_3380.jpg (124056 bytes)


DSC_3343.jpg (181613 bytes)         DSC_3195.jpg (151375 bytes)          DSC_0489.jpg (165397 bytes)


DSC_0015.jpg (155938 bytes)        DSC_0273.jpg (176402 bytes)         DSC_1836.jpg (165951 bytes)


  DSC_1037.jpg (158420 bytes)                         DSC_0972.jpg (191876 bytes)                      DSC_1047.jpg (185182 bytes)








The Following Images  are considered, for all intent and purpose, Macro Images.


Fly Images

For many viewers, some insect activities may be interpreted as visually sensitive.  The thumbnails are large enough to indicate sensitive views.

Applauding Flyapplauding.jpg (98785 bytes)

The Bubble BlowerBubbleblower.jpg (60259 bytes)

Wing Maintenancefixingwing.jpg (86367 bytes)

Fly Cuticleflycuticle.jpg (47872 bytes)

See You Lateriseeyou.jpg (50019 bytes)

Palpus Flypalpusfly.jpg (68502 bytes)

The Scavengerscavenging.jpg (49073 bytes)

 Thinker Flythinkerfly.jpg (54894 bytes)



Ant Images

Leaf Cutterantcutleaf.jpg (35635 bytes)

Sorghum Antsorgumhead2.jpg (36828 bytes)

Tied  Up Anttiedupant.jpg (38528 bytes)



Miscellaneous Bug Images

Bug In A Bubblebuginbubble copy.jpg (26667 bytes)

One Millimeter Bugonemmbug.jpg (47580 bytes)

Leaf Hopperleafhopper copy.jpg (71349 bytes)

Black Ground Beetleblackbeetle1 copy.jpg (42440 bytes)

Stink Bug caterpillaralamode5 copy.jpg (82046 bytes)

This Is Not Amourbeetlekiller2.jpg (55474 bytes)




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