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tearchassis1.jpg (283001 bytes)The tongue should have been 34", however there is a tire rack on the rear door of the tow vehicle. It was extended to 48" in order to fully open the tailgate. The jack is a lightweight 300 lb. capacity by Fulton.

tearchassis3.jpg (276079 bytes)At 3500 LB. Capacity this straight axle is overrated for this size TD. An axle rated at 1200 LB to 2000 LB would be more than sufficient. Hubs are standard bolt 4 1/2" B.C. The Wheels are 15" chrome modular with R75/215/15 tires. These tires were left over from a Ford Windstar and will be replaced with a more suitable tire (ST75/205/15) when the TD is finished.

tearchassis4.jpg (40673 bytes)The corner gussets serve two purposes, first to mount stabilizers on the TD. Second to provide additional support and a fastening surface for the rubberized floor pan and body frame work. All the fastening hardware will be galvanized or stainless steel. 

tearchassis6.jpg (216273 bytes)The rear of the chassis is also equipped with a 2" receiver for a rear storage rack for bicycles etc. It was pre drilled for three different adjustments (just in case). Wiring for external running lights will be routed through the 2 x 3 roof spars. A #10 or #12 wire for re-charging a single deep cycle battery from the tow vehicle or remote charger.



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