DOT Four Pole Tester


This is one of the very few home brew electronic projects I have built that worked perfectly after it was completed.  Most of all it was a fun project and provided me with a tool that is easy to use.  I have named it the Quick Connect Four or QC-4. 

The QC-4  Four Pole Tester totally eliminates the need for a  tow vehicle and an extra pair of hands or feet in order to test the trailer DOT wiring harness and lighting system.  The risk of incurring electrical problems to the tow vehicle is also eliminated, 

The tester requires a 12 volt d.c. source such as a storage or deep cycle battery or 12v.d.c. (8 amp minimum) regulated power supply.  The tester is also reversed polarity protected and internally fused.

As shown in the photograph,  when connected to the trailer wire harness,  two separate switches signal the proper circuits and if properly wired, the harness and lighting function will be verified by their respective LED's. 



Photograph of my home brew Four Pole,  D.O.T. Tester for teardrop and other trailers without the use of a Tow Vehicle.




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