Custom Painted Lures


Copper Head / Red Holographic/Specular Pattern (Purple/Copper)

Clear Coat: West Marine Epoxy


It doesn't happen often, but once in awhile I get lucky when I can overlap one activity with another. Catching fish with lures that are custom made or modified by the fisherman can be rewarding in more ways than one. This web page depicts air brushed color patterns and lure styles that I often use while handlining for Walleye.

I spend a great deal of time Handlining for Walleye on the Detroit River's Trenton Channel. Anyone who has fished this area, will quickly discover, sooner rather than later, that their arsenal of lures can be severely depleted in a very short period of time. Having fallen victim to it's snag filled bottom, I've decided to try and curtail some of my future financial losses. Like many other handliners, I use hard baits manufactured by Rapala while fishing for Walleye.  There are also several other top notch lure makers in competition as well.  

If you are familiar with their fine lures, you are also aware of their escalating price tags.  Another problem facing fisherman, is a favorite discontinued, or out of stock lure at their favorite bait shop.

It seems to me that these problems can be solved with a bit of reading, some practice, and a small investment.  I have chosen to replace store bought, and favorite out of stock pattern lures, with new blank lure bodies, and used lures available on the internet and garage sales.  

Initially, I wasn't sure whether or not airbrushing my own lures would be at all gratifying.  After a period of self learning discipline,  I now look forward to the challenge of creating,  and duplicating new and old color patterns.  As with fly tying, catching fish with your own creations, really adds to the experience.  

An excellent source for learning how to airbrush lures, and lure making can be found at Tackle  Underground.  There are some incredibly talented artisans on this forum.

Armed with a new Iwata airbrush and a couple dozen colors of Createx airbrush paint, I now slip away to what was once my old Dark Room that I used years ago for developing film and making prints.  


Holographic / Specular  Lures






Multi Color Lures


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Two Color Lures




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