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floorubber.jpg (28575 bytes)Hydro-2000, a synthetic rubber obtained from Mercote and applied with brush or roller  to the belly pan or external floor bottom.  Cost in 2000  was $40.00 per gallon. The liquid rubber is easy to work with and is applied in thin coats. One gallon is more than sufficient,

floorinsul.jpg (36856 bytes)The floor area was insulated with Owen Corning's pink panther, 1-1/2" insulation with an R factor = 7.5.   This insulation was easy to cut and lay snuggly  between the oak members.

oakframe.jpg (39844 bytes) Frame is constructed from 2" x 4 " White Oak obtained from a local hardwood shop. The frame was lap jointed, glued, screwed and then bolted to the gussets with 3/8" x 5" lag bolts.  The 5" bolts are necessary to get through the two frames and plywood. Cost was $120.00 for 40 board feet which included milling to the standard size 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" of the raw material.

floorsandwich.jpg (35998 bytes)A single sheet of 3/4"x5'x10' ACX plywood is used for the floor. A total of 112 deck screws were spaced six inches apart to secure the plywood to the white oak frame.


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